Product Selection

OEP offers a complete line of flexible and rigid shaft couplings, consisting of several variations and sub-variations, allowing the customer to select the ideal coupling for their specific application. All couplings are offered in a variety of sizes, accepting inch shafts up to 1.125 inches in diameter and metric shafts up to 30mm in diameter.

OEP couplings are designed to surpass other manufacturers’ couplings in all critical performance parameters. OEP’s state-of-the-art machine tools produce complex parts in one operation, holding tolerances on the order of one ten-thousandth of an inch, and producing superior surface finishes. This precision, the use of the most advanced materials and surface finishes, and some subtle yet crucial design innovations all contribute to world-beating performance.

All OEP coupling designs are scrupulously tested to ensure the accuracy of our performance data; all machined components are produced in-house, within an ISO9001:2000 registered quality system, allowing for rigorous quality control, and enabling OEP to customize products to the end user’s specifications. All OEP couplings are RoHS compliant.

OEP Coupling's products can be divided into the following seven categories:

Oldham couplings

Based on the familiar sliding-disc design and are the most common and economical type of zero-backlash flexible coupling.


Oldham/Universal couplings

Combine many of the advantages of the classic Oldham coupling with the increased angular misalignment accommodation of a universal joint.


Block couplings

Based on a very old design, updated with modern materials and precision.


Jaw couplings

Use an elastomeric element to accommodate shaft misalignment, but also serve to torsionally dampen torque spikes and protect the driven device.


Universal joints

Used as torque-transmitting linkages over relatively large angular and (in pairs) radial misalignments. OEP offers high-quality miniature UV joints in a variety of bore sizes and materials.


Magnetic couplings

Consist of two banks of magnets that use polar attraction and repulsion to provide coupling force. They offer several unique advantages, including the option of coupling across a barrier, and serving as a wear-free slip clutch under overload.


Rigid couplings

Used whenever a flexible coupling is considered unnecessary or undesirable. OEP offers rigid couplings with several shaft attachment options and in several materials.


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