Magnetic Couplings


  • Can be used to couple across a thin barrier, making a perfectly hermetically sealed rotary feed-through
  • No contact, so no wear
  • Serves as a wear-free slip clutch – under overload, the magnetic coupling simply slips to the next position. In the MXC OEP magnetic couplings, this slip is exactly 90 degrees.


  • Moderate radial loads on support bearings, proportional to misalignment
  • Substantial axial load on bearings from magnetic attraction; inversely proportional to separation between the two hubs, and therefore directly proportional to the static break torque
  • Useful only for very light torques, and applications with either gradual starts, or very low rotational inertia of the driven side of the system
  • Relatively large in diameter, considering light coupling torque

Typical Applications:

Applications requiring hermetically sealed rotary feed-through, including specialized pumps moving caustic or hazardous material; semiconductor fabrication equipment; laboratory apparatus.


  • Shaft attachment options: Set screw without keyway, clamping without keyway

Why OEP?

 Advantages of OEP Magnetic Coupling, over other magnetic couplings:
  • Much more economical than most magnetic couplings
  • Available in smaller sizes

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