Universal Joints


  • Can accommodate extremely large angular misalignments
  • Can accommodate extremely large radial misalignments, when used in pairs


  • Does not transmit rotation homokinetically (so that the two shafts rotate at exactly the same speed throughout rotation), unless used in pairs, in a specific arrangement

Typical Applications:

Can be used as a linkage, or transmission, between two intentionally misaligned shafts, rather than just as a flexible coupling (meant to accommodate very small misalignment that inevitably but unintentionally results from tiny mounting errors and thermal growth.) Lawn and garden equipment, conveyors and material handling equipment, food processing equipment


  • Materials for midsection: 7075 aluminum, 17-4 stainless steel, 4140 steel
  • Materials for hub: 7075 aluminum, 17-4 stainless steel, 4140 steel
  • Shaft attachment options: Set screw without keyway, set screw with keyway, clamping without keyway, clamping with keyway

Why OEP?

Advantages of OEP’s Universal Joints, over those of other manufacturers:
  • Miniature sizes available
  • Available in various materials
  • All subcomponents very precisely machined from bar: No cheap castings or powdered metal parts, resulting in better overall and more consistent performance
  • Several subtle design innovations that optimize performance and reduce cost

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